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The Sauternes marathon

Attempting a marathon is one of the things I want to do while in France. The region where we’ll be based has trail running events but not full marathons, at least not in June or July. Most marathons in southern France and northern Spain are run at cooler times of year. So I have had to look further afield and have now committed to travelling north-west to the Bordeaux area for the Sauternes marathon on 1 June. Continue reading

How’s your French?

When presented with the most common French words, I confidently know about 60 of the top 100. Does that indicate enough vocab to get by for three months in France? I know some basic verb contructions. Je mange. J’ai mange. Je vais mange. And I often listen to teach-yourself-French through headphones while scootering around the Wellington waterfront. Is that enough?

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It will be awesome

We are going to Singapore for one night on the way back, to the hotel where I learnt to swim. We are also going to Paris, Quillan, & Spain. I can’t wait to go… apart from the school part. It will be the hardest thing ever in my life. But the good thing is, there will be two-week holidays before and after, there will be more holidays in the middle, we will get Wednesdays off, and we get to come home for lunch. it will be awesome.

Plus ca change, rien ne change

The title of our blog putitontheslate has its origins in my first school slate.

My diary from our 1983 year in France records that we went to Mammouth (French hypermarket chain) and bought the slate, some chalk and a pencil case on 12 October in preparation for my use in class. I also had a cahier (exercise book) for school work that needed to be marked.

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First time blogging

During the time that I’m away I’ll be updating you with my posts on this blog so I can tell you about all the cool stuff that I’ve been doing.We leave on the 23rd of April so yeah its not that far away.I’m really nervous about going to France because i’ll have to go to school for a whole term and i’ll have to speak french the whole time. (at least we get Wednesdays off).So yeah keep reading the new posts that all of us will send.