First time blogging

During the time that I’m away I’ll be updating you with my posts on this blog so I can tell you about all the cool stuff that I’ve been doing.We leave on the 23rd of April so yeah its not that far away.I’m really nervous about going to France because i’ll have to go to school for a whole term and i’ll have to speak french the whole time. (at least we get Wednesdays off).So yeah keep reading the new posts that all of us will send.

One thought on “First time blogging

  1. Grandpa

    First time blogging indeed, and with exciting French travels too! I can understand that you’re a bit nervous about going to school in France but you’ll have a great time and meet new friends who may be your friends for life. I never went to school in France but I did go to university there and I was nervous about that too at the age of 23 on my first visit to Europe. I made lots of new friends from lots of different countries and I still write to some of them. After a five-week trip from NZ by ship ( a Greek ship), I took a train from London to Dover, then the steamer to Calais, then a train to Paris, stayed at a hotel in Paris for one night and then went on by train the next day for my university year in Besançon. It was all rather scary for a young New Zealander on his first big OE! You and Tom have the good fortune to be travelling with your whole family to love and support you and you’re so lucky to have had some French lessons before you leave. French school will be very different but I know you will soak it all up and find it fascinating. And on Wednesdays and weekends you’ll be able to visit surrounding areas and get to know and love the French countryside, its culture and its friendly people – just as your Mum did when she was your age and just as I did when I was a bit older. I feel very happy that you are all going to get to know and love France as much as I do. Courage, mon petit, et profite bien de ton séjour en France. I look forward to reading all your blog reports. Bises, Grandpa.


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