It will be awesome

We are going to Singapore for one night on the way back, to the hotel where I learnt to swim. We are also going to Paris, Quillan, & Spain. I can’t wait to go… apart from the school part. It will be the hardest thing ever in my life. But the good thing is, there will be two-week holidays before and after, there will be more holidays in the middle, we will get Wednesdays off, and we get to come home for lunch. it will be awesome.

One thought on “It will be awesome

  1. Grandpa

    Yes, I know that your stay in Quillan will be awesome – even though I don’t use that word much. I think when I was your age I probably would have just said it would be exciting! I don’t think awesome was a word at all when I was young. Did you know that when I was a little younger than you I went to school for a few months in Hobart, Tasmania? That’s an island state of Australia. It was a bit different there too and I think I was rather uncomfortable in my school there at first. Although of course I was still able to understand because the language spoken was English. Actually, I think the school part of your trip will be really awesome, even if you are a bit scared of what you might have to cope with four days a week. Because you will probably already know almost everything that is being taught in the French class, except of course the language at first. French children usually learn writing and reading and maths later than NZ children, so all you will have to worry about is understanding the language. And every day as you do things you know already, you will understand more and more. Every time you hear a new word or description, see if you can remember it and Mummy will help you practise it at home so that next time you will be able to impress the teacher by showing that you understand in class. I wonder if you really will get to write on a slate! I still have the slate my father (your great grandfather) used to write on when he went to school in the 1920s. In the récré between classes, you might be able to play foot in the courtyard. You are just as good at football as any French boy. You will make lots of new friends, I hope, and then your school time will be the highlight of your day. Sois courageux, petit Tom. And please write to tell me everything that you do in class and also the things that you first get to understand.
    Big bises from Grandpa.


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