French film festival

On Friday we left school early at about 1:30 pm so that I could go to a movie. All my friends were jealous until they found out it was a french movie. It was kind of annoying because we had sport on that afternoon so that meant that I would miss it. Anyway the film that we saw was called Le Tableau Noir (Black board). We got to have ice creams when we got there. It was about a little school in the french alps that was called Derriere-Pertuis. The school only had about 15 people in it so it was quite a small school. The movie was all about how the school was on the verge of being closed by the government but I found it useful because it told me a lot about how school would be like.

2 thoughts on “French film festival

  1. Jennifer Andrewes

    This film was very much like ‘Etre et Avoir’, which we had already watched on DVD at home, but I found the French much harder to follow in ‘Le Tableau Noir’. It went faster and there was much more (Swiss) dialect. Even so, I suspect both Oliver and Tom were able to easily recognise many words and phrases – and certainly some of the maths sections. In fact, they are so comfortable with French that at one point Tom thought something had been said in English, when it was in French – he didn’t even have to consciously translate to understand the meaning! Bravo les garcons. 🙂

    1. Grandpa

      I’m glad you saw that film and found it interesting. A great way to see what a French classroom is like – although at your school there will be more kids in the class!


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