The flight to France from Singapore was terrible. None of us had slept on the last plane from Auckland to Singapore except for Dad and Mum and we were all planning to sleep on the last flight from Singapore to Paris. But little did we know that it was not going to be a pleasant flight at all!

I slept for the first hour and a half of the flight and then came the first meal. I knew from past experiences that plane food was horrible but it was apparent that I had forgotten the true extent of its horribleness. I ordered the fish instead of the beef but frankly I should not have ordered anything because none of us knew that it would come up later. I knew I wasn’t going to eat much but I at least tried to eat some except it didn’t help and I just stuck to the snacks off the snack list.

During all of this Tom had slept a bit and watched a few movies. A couple of movies that I watched were Despicable me 2 , Hobbit, Hunger Games, Frozen and cloudy with a chanco meatballs two.

Anyway as I came up to the second meal I wasn’t going to order anything but Mum convinced me that it would be good for me so I got it. I  still only nibbled it though.

After a couple more movies I started to feel queasy and looked beside me and Tom was throwing up and then I looked the other way and saw Mum throwing up and I decided to try and keep it down as I didn’t want to make more trouble when there were already people throwing up.

After another 10 minutes I knew I needed a bag and quickly threw up. It was not good but I felt for Tom more who threw up at least 5 times. Also it looked terrible for Mum who was retching all over the place.

Over and Out.

Commander Ollie

One thought on “Flight

  1. Jennifer Andrewes

    Yes, it was indeed terrible! What a generous soul to be thinking of others in the midst of misery. At one point I glanced briefly left in a break in the flow, to see Ollie and Tom in deep discomfort and could only despair that I was unable to provide them any comfort or assist them in any way. Poor Dad could only stay as still and stoic as possible in the midst of it and hope that Nicholas did not wake up…


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