Tennis de table

It was a normal Saturday morning when suddenly we walked down to the table tennis court to play some table tennis.

I went with Tom and my friend Kynan who we’re staying with. Tom and I both brought our highly beneficial table tennis bats that we had brought from New Zealand.

First, I played Tom and boy was it not a close game. I beat him 11-3. We kept on rotating games and I kept on winning games.

When , abruptly, it started to drizzle Tom stated to us in his very formal matter-of-fact voice that he would be going home now. So he went home and we kept on playing happily, when suddenly it started to rain pigs and mice.

If you have never played table tennis in the rain then let me tell you it is very hard because the ball does not bounce at ALL! And when I say at all I seriously mean AT ALL! We were playing outside you see so we were getting drenched at the same time.

Now I knew it was going to be cold but I obviously didn’t understand the extent of this meteorological cycle of nature until I was running home. I was tragically hypothermic when I walked in the door and was in danger of losing my fingers. (Although mum didn’t think it was that serious,)

I still knew to never underestimate the powers of MOTHER NATURE!

PS: I recovered fully.

One thought on “Tennis de table

  1. Grandpa

    I’m glad you fully recovered, Ollie, which is pretty good after only 2 or 3 days and all those horrors on the plane. I reckon you’ll be something of a table tennis star at your school in Quillan and then you’ll have heaps of new friends wanting to play with you. Keep having fun times and exciting adventures on your way south.


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