Jet lag and other reasons to be tired

It is now a full week since we arrived in France and we are well over any jet lag. Personally, I have never it difficult adjusting my sleep-wake pattern after a shift in longitude, and I suspect many travelers overestimate jet lag. Singapore Airlines landed us in Europe early in the day, very tired from lack of sleep. By the end of that first day, we were exhausted and had no trouble falling asleep and staying asleep for most of the night. Jet lag over.


Ollie at Singapore airport

Tom at Singapore airport

Tom at Singapore airport

Since then, we have been fairly tired out at times, but I attribute the tiredness to a combination of normal family life (admit it – that’s exhausting enough), unusual routines, driving on foreign roads, staying in unfamiliar places, trying to follow meal-time conversations in part-English, part-French, eating too much, and exercising too little.

Driving is one thing that I always find a bit tiring, especially on foreign roads. I feel I am becoming much more comfortable with driving in France already, so hopefully it will not be so tiring from now on.

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