Clos Luce

Leonardo da Vinci was a great man until his untimely death ( Sniff sniff). We went to see his last lived in house before his cogs went bust. I never knew him personally but I feel we had a connection. Y’know me with the never-ending-battery-on an-I-pod. And him with the parachute and bicycle.


Anyway his Chateau/Mansion was amazing and all of his ideas that never got made were there. It’s funny because they were actually made for us to see so they shouldn’t say they were never made. My favourite ones were the helicopter and tank.


Driving the tank.

You know those coin machines where you put a coin in, and out comes a coin stamped with whatever you’re seeing? Well, I got one of them. It actually turns out you could buy them at the gift shop for cheaper (damn).

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