More on the run with Ollie today

Read Ollie’s post on the run if you haven’t already. It’s true: the piles of earthworm excrement were massive. In a couple of places on the track we saw holes larger than any earthworm could make, and wondered what creature had made them. On our return, one of the holes had been partly filled in. By what? And where was the creature that had been there within the last few minutes? And then, in the forest very nearby, we saw a tree that appeared to have been snapped clean off. The break looked fresh. The top part of the tree was discarded on the forest floor nearby.

Broken tree in the forest beside the path in the hills near Quillan

Stump of recently broken tree

This was un-nerving. What did it all mean? Giant constipated earthworms everywhere beneath us; some unknown creature making deep claw marks on the path then filling them in while we were in the vicinity; and something having recently attacked a large tree.

The only other person we saw on the track was a lone English woman in a red jacket. She looked innocent enough and even made small talk about the weather and the view. But who knows? We returned quickly to the car and headed back home.

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