Giant Earthworm POOP!!!

Today Dad and I went out for a run in the bush.It was a great adventure. So it all started when I was running along when I thought I glimpsed something. I backtracked and found my self face to Poop with the biggest pile of earthworm poop you have ever seen.Thinking about it afterwards I realized it was everywhere.I guess the earthworm ate all the time so it pooped all the time. The actual worm was dead and it looked like in its last dying moments it had broken its constipation and let it out!!!.We also came to an old hermit’s house that now housed dozens of Earthworms. When we came to the top we had a great view.


If you want to see the poo then scroll down.


You can’t really see how big it would be but trust me on this one it was massive.







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