Today we went to the dinosaur museum.

It was in a small village close to Quillan called Esperaza. The only reason they had the museum there was because that was were they found the bones. For economical reasons I think they should have put it in a bigger city like Perpignan or Toulouse. They would have made much more money.

It was quite cool until the moving dinosaur bit because it just ruined the reality of it.




4 thoughts on “Dino’s GAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!

  1. Jennifer Andrewes

    Quite impressive that the only intact, almost entirely complete, articulated dinosaur skeleton ever found (Eva), was found very near here! Even if the moving T-rex was cheesy in comparison. One day, they might even be able to get the real one ‘moving’ again…

  2. Raphaëlle

    Is the purpose of a museum to make a lot of money or to have a new inhabitant like you discover the richness of your vicinity?

    1. Jennifer Andrewes

      Well said Raphaelle, I commented to Ollie that we were fortunate to be able to visit such a fabulous museum in such a small village. Actually they were quite impressed with the place, but sometimes 12 year old boys like to experiment with the individuality of their opinions by expressing them in different ways than we might as adults!


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