My new Lego star wars watch

 Yesterday Me and Mum went to a watch shop after we came home from a trip.  I got a Lego star wars watch that came with a Lego Luke Skywalker guy with a green light-saber, and of course you can adjust it by adding bits and taking off bits.


You can also customize it by taking bits off and putting different bits on as seen in the different pictures, and obviously it has a cool fasten trick.  That’s me.  




3 thoughts on “My new Lego star wars watch

  1. Arlo

    I like it not really but a bit, was the reason to buy it because you need to know the new time speaking of time I wonder when I am sending this in french time sincerly arlo

  2. Arlo

    what happend to my thought internet your to inter procesing a word……. i am just going to call you stupid and make it one thought


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