Foody woody

For the food, every breakfast we have baguette and honey and porridge and cereal and stuff like that.  Some of the stuff we have had for dinner was rabbit pie, chips and leftovers from the supermarkets, steak and chips, pasta, and even the yuckiest and stringiest  asparagus I’ve ever had in my life.  And that’s most of the food gone.

P.S: We had steak and chips twice, and pasta twice.


2 thoughts on “Foody woody

  1. Grandpa

    Perhaps you could suggest Mum or Dad buy a tin of cassoulet next time they’re at the supermarket?

  2. Arlo

    Hey Tom how is your trip in France going hope it is going good not bad. I would also like to inform you that we have four! new people in a class they are called vinill,keisha,olive and pupea (you may have already met olive and vinill).p.s You should tell your teacher that you play table tenis not rugby and if she says she doesn’t know what table tenis is you should tell her that it is the most awsome sport in the world! because it is! sincirly Arlo


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