School in France isn’t actually as terrible as I thought. It was worse.

The teacher was up the front talking and I was just sitting there thinking I have no idea what you are talking about. He gave me a maths book to read which I was very happy about. 😦

Anyway It’s all good because I seem to have built my reputation with my soccer.

Starting from tomorrow I will be getting three-on-one French lessons with two other English speakers and a separate teacher in the mornings. I think it will be good because as you know my french isn’t very good and as you hopefully picked up before I don’t understand anything they say.

It felt like two school days today because it was a long day starting at 8:30 and finishing at 4:30 and also there is a two hour lunch break. Overall I think school in New Zealand is much, much easier.

2 thoughts on “School

  1. Susan Andrewes

    Ollie, it sounds like you have coped brilliantly. I really struggled with the French when I went to school, but it gets a lot easier and it’s amazing what you can learn just by listening and taking it all in, with no other goal than that. That experience alone will set you up for life. Great job. Can’t wait to see you and Tom and hear how you keep getting on! Keep up the posts – we’re loving them.

  2. Grandpa

    You’ve had a great first day, Ollie. As Susie says, soak up all those French sounds around you and in a week or two you’ll really start to work out what’s going on. Your ball skills will be a real asset in the courtyard. Va donc, en avant!


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