On Tuesday my class went to the pool gym for Gym. First we did some warm ups like but kicks and high knees. then we started getting serious. Our teacher showed us positions that we all had to copy in pairs. There were some like standing on our backs while we were kneeling which was very painful. But the worst one was kneeling on someones back while they were kneeling. It was actually almost fun and the best part was it took up a whole block of school! I’m scared about what positions will come next Tuesday.

3 thoughts on “Gymnastiques

  1. Grandpa

    That sounds like a pretty crafty way of getting out of serious school work, but I’m glad I didn’t have to do that! Interesting.

  2. William Christie

    Sounds rather unusual fo9r gym practice. Sounds more like preparation for gymnastic circus displays! Certainly something a bit different to try as long as it’s fun and not hurting anybody.


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