Le marche de Quillan, samedi

On Saturdays in Quillan the market is a larger affair, and sets up in the larger space between the station and the outdoor pool gym complex. The market includes all the usual fresh produce, with additional artisan stalls, and a rambling vide grenier (garage sale-style flea market).



The strawberries are cheap at 2.20 euros per kg, sweet and juicy. We treated ourselves to one of these 2kg boxes.


The specialty vans sell cheese and dairy products, meat and charcuterie, fish.


The goat’s cheese seller is a favourite of mine. He comes in from the farm just a couple of km down the road, where we first bought cheese from him at the farm gate. Buying it at the market avoids having to face the farm dogs! Today I bought one medium sized several day-old cheese, one day old cheese and one very mature one, which Stephen prefers.


A good quarter of this market is also taken up with plant and flower stalls, adding colour and fragrance. It’s hard not to come away with large armfuls.


3 thoughts on “Le marche de Quillan, samedi

  1. Jennifer Andrewes Post author

    This afternoon we happened to drive past the ferme du mechant pas, between Brenac and Campagne sur Aude. Might have to stop in next time to buy some of their pates and terrines.


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