Le marche d’Esperaza, dimanche

The Sunday market at neighbouring Esperaza is an altogether larger and more sophisticated affair than the Quillan markets, worth attending for its diversity of produce, artisan stalls, local crafts, and specialty products, covering several blocks of the old town.



There is a sizable cafe area in the centre of the market area, with live music, which makes it a pleasant and interesting place to spend a morning.


We have already been twice and I suspect we will make it a regular Sunday morning feature. In the summer proper it will be handy to hit the market late morning for a coffee, fresh bread, cheeses, olives and fruit, and then head for the river bank for a picnic lunch.




One thought on “Le marche d’Esperaza, dimanche

  1. Jennifer Andrewes Post author

    Went back to this market this morning for the third Sunday in a row, and had the yummiest, fresh from the oven croissants of the whole trip. eaten with a (average) coffee at the cafe in the middle of the market area. Habit forming behaviour…


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