Battle of the labyrinth (that’s the title of the fourth book in the Percy Jackson series)

Today was my first “quest” into the labyrinth.  Don’t blame me for saying “quest” my dad told me to. But anyway, if you don’t like hearing scary things because you get sick when you hear them,  I recommend skipping to the 3rd paragraph. Hint: We got lost in the labyrinth.

There was once a 52-year-old woman who was hiking in the Pyrenees and fell off a cliff. She may have survived the fall but by the time the search party got to her, all that was left were bones, clothes and a pair of shoes. Guess what got to her before the search party – a griffon vulture! They have a 2.5-3 metre wingspan and they usually only eat carrion unless they’re very hungry and that’s the only time that it’s known to have happened. They were second on the list of biggest wingspan, and guess what first on the list was, a type of eagle, it had a 3-3.5 meter wingspan. I saw a griffon vulture through a telescope and it was nesting on a cliff. Dad said it was microscopic from that distance but I saw it not through the telescope anyway.

Today we walked into a natural labyrinth at Nebias, near Quillan and took almost every wrong turn. But don’t blame us for that cos at every intersection there was a green arrow in every direction.


L-R: Lost in the weird, natural labyrinth. Which way should we go? Ollie and I, looking desperate.

But anyway, we got lost and ended up on the opposite side of the labyrinth. Night was approaching fast, we could hear the helicopters looking for us from above and we could see the vultures circling overhead.

But we eventually found our way out before the vultures could eat us. When we got out we headed to the restaurant where we’d booked to eat for that night and we found our friends who had invited us to go there were already there.

P.P.S: that’s all a true story, nothing’s made up. and i’m really havin’ a chill in France.

3 thoughts on “Battle of the labyrinth (that’s the title of the fourth book in the Percy Jackson series)

  1. Grandpa

    Gosh, that was an exciting expedition you did in the labyrinth. We’re sure glad that you escaped the vultures and that the helicopters didn’t have to land! Were you with your mum and dad there? It might have been very scary if you and Ollie were just by yourselves. The closest I’ve been to a labyrinth is at Wanaka (which is man-made of course) and also in the Chartres Cathedral. Did you see the amazing ancient one there? You can read about its fascinating history by googling it.


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