Exploring St Emilion

While in the Bordeaux area, some of us took the opportunity to visit St Emilion, the wine growing village of international fame.



The village is perched on a hillside, surrounded by vines. It flows down the hillside in a series of intertwining narrow cobbled streets and an hour and a half in the company of a toddler, was not nearly enough time to do it justice.


Nonetheless, we enjoyed our short wander and even had time for the obligatory drinks break on a shaded square.


The locals were also engaged in people watching.


The wine was too expensive to contemplate, but we did manage to neatly capture in a single window display, a bottle each from the Andrewes sibling years of birth (1971, 1977, 1979) – good vintages, obviously.


In lieu of wine we scraped together enough for a box of macarons de St Emilion. Not as good as the flavoured sandwich versions in my opinion, but still good.



One thought on “Exploring St Emilion

  1. Grandpa

    What a great way to spend a day. A pity you couldn’t indulge in the vintage armagnac but the macarons would be a compensation and a nice regional souvenir. Envy!


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