Wild creatures in these hills

There are wild creatures in the hills around Quillan.

Last week we saw an animal run across the road in front of us on the outskirts of Quillan. I think it was a wild boar. I have some familiarity with wild boars from reading Asterix books. This animal certainly looked like a wild boar.

Wild boar

Not my photo

Yesterday, as we drove up a quiet road at Cavirac, also just outside Quillan, we saw another animal run across the road. It was a dark brown animal as big as a mid-size dog, and had a large bushy tail. I guess it was a fox.

We have also seen lizards – mostly the small brown geckos that love stone walls in the afternoon sun, but also some larger green lizards near the creek at Laval.

Green lizard

Green lizard

I’ve previously mentioned the griffon vultures. On Thursday last week there were about 10 of those vultures circling quite low beside Cuiza and we got a good view of them from the petrol station. What were they waiting for?

At dusk we sometimes see bats darting around the trees and street lights in Quillan’s main square.

One thought on “Wild creatures in these hills

  1. William Christie

    Wow! You must be close to bush or forest! We often see where they have been rooting around in the hills but they generally keep well away from humans. I guess the lizards or geckos could be in the town though. Interesting to note differences from NZ.


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