Cafe crawling

Unashamedly, one of my favourite pastimes when traveling, is to spend most of my time lingering over a coffee or a drink at local cafes, people watching.


:Photos of patrons free with a glass of rose and a smile #frenchwaiters

While in Carcassonne yesterday, I took the opportunity to stop four times by drawing out my one ‘meal’ into several stages – aperitif, plat principal, glace, cafe.




Aperitif, Brasserie Le Longchamp, Place Carnot


Lunch in a shady square, Cite de Carcassonne – crepe fromage de chevre, diabolo fraise


Coffee in a shady bar, in the shadow of the city walls, Cite de Carcassonne


Glace artisanale vanille macadamia by a cool fountain – breeze-flung spray included at no extra charge

There’s no better way to while away a few boy-free hours!

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