More castles

More castles. They just keep coming.

010Anyway this castle was called Puilaurens and it was like Montsegur being on a hill with cliffs on all 4 sides.The first bit was through the forest so that was ok but the top bit was straight up the mountain side and as we walked up the path that led to the castle I was constantly fearful that we might fall off the cliff and fall 300 meters to our death and I had to do it with a three year old toddler.


On that happy note I’ll skip to the barbecue with our friends afterwards. First we played lots of games like hide and seek which was really fun because they lived in the countryside and we were like hiding in the vineyards and across rivers. then we had grilled mackerel that was straight off the barbie. Then we played some soccer where of course I beat everyone except the guy on my team.

One thought on “More castles

  1. Grandpa

    It sounds as though a great day was had by all. Thanks for looking after Sam on the steep walk. Just as well you were there to help. And the barbecue and playing with friends were obviously fun. You are doing so many fantastic things on your big adventure. I almost wish I was young again and could do all those things myself!


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