My trip to the Anyos Park Hotel in Andorra

Today when I woke up I was so excited that I was going to go to Andorra.  But I knew I would miss my mum because she was not coming, even though I knew I wouldn’t miss her for long, because I was only going for one night.  

Anyway, after I packed my bag and had breakfast, Dad, Nicholas, Ollie and I set off for Andorra.


When we got there we found our room and unloaded our stuff. Then we went down to reception and asked about the pool.  They said we had to buy swim caps and jandles to go in the pool but the swim caps were more important so we just bought them.  When we got to the pool we found out it had fake tropical palm trees at one end of the pool and under-water lights to make it seem more tropical.


Then we went back to our room.  After watching some Tom and Jerry on the TV we went to the diner to have dinner.  Then we went back to room # 321 to sleep.

The next morning we went to the breakfast place to have breakfast, and of course it was a buffet.  I had deep fried chips, water melon, pineapple, pineapple juice, cereal, bacon, eggs, half a doughnut that didn’t taste very good, and a piece of a Spanish pastry.

Then we came home to Quillan.  On the way back we found out that in Spain we were too early to eat and in France we were too late to eat.  It was 2:00 in the afternoon on the way back and I had only had an apple so I was starving.

3 thoughts on “My trip to the Anyos Park Hotel in Andorra

  1. Stephen Christie

    I loved the aqua centre at the hotel. Most of the time we had it all to ourselves! I suspect the receptionist there guessed (correctly) that we had exceptionally hygienic feet so there would be no need to enforce the rule about wearing flip-flops. He seemed to take a different view of our hair and insisted on swimming caps.

  2. Grandpa

    Oh là là, Tom. Tu avais toujours faim après un petit déjeuner de frites, de pastèque, d’ananas, de jus d’ananas, de céréales, d’oeufs au lard, de la moitié d’un beignet et une pâtisserie espagnole? Non, ce n’est pas vrai. Ce n’est pas possible. Tu me dis des bêtises là! Nice trip to Andorra though …


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