Today we went on a day trip to Collioure.  It was a 2 hour drive to get there and when we got there we had a pastry and a drink, and went for a swim in the Mediterranean sea.

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While I was swimming the tide went down and I got swept backward but then the tide went in again instantly and I got swept back to the shore and we all had a laugh at that cos I went “whoa”.


After that we went to a restaurant for lunch.  I got sausage and chips with a tiny bit of salad, great deal, and it was an even better deal because it came with an ice-cream of your choice which you would get after and it only cost 12 euros.


Then we had a bit of a walk.  After that we went back to Quillan.


2 thoughts on “Collioure

  1. Léa

    I do love Collioure. The famous Spanish poet, Antonio Machado 1875-1939 is buried there in the ancient cemetery. Many people make the trip to pay their respects. If you return there, you would have no trouble finding his grave as many people leave remembrances, take photos, make music, read poems to honour this great man.
    Collioure was and continues to be the favourite of many of the greatest artists and it isn’t hard to see why. Léa


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