Colourful Collioure

Today we took a day trip across to Perpignan and down the Mediterranean coast to Collioure, not far north of the border with Spain. This was our first trip to the Mediterranean this holiday and it was a great day for it. The water was sparkling, and after the industrial stretch of the main road south of Perpignan, Collioure appeared like a jewel with its multi-hued houses tumbling down the hillsides around several sheltered coves.

019002 (2)

After the storm last night, the day dawned wet underfoot, and a little cooler, but by the time we got to Collioure it was stinking hot. We had set off promptly by 8.30am and were pleased to find a park in the shade in the car park nearest the town centre as this place clearly heaves in summer. Even by the time we parked at just after 10am, there were few parks remaining. At lunchtime it was well and truly full.

Following the obligatory coffee and pastries for morning tea, it was straight into the lovely warm water for a swim. Even Nicholas enjoyed himself, sitting on the water’s edge and dipping his toes in the little ripples lapping the shore.


Late morning we walked around the base of the castle to the main cove, finding a pavement cafe in the shade for lunch out of the midday sun, then wandered the narrow cobbled streets enjoying the sights and browsing the (mostly touristy) shops.




Most of us slept in the car on the way home, although I’m glad to say the driver managed to stay awake for the drive through the Defile Pierre-Lys. There was plenty of evidence of the impact of last night’s rain on the gorge, with rocks fallen on the road in some places.

3 thoughts on “Colourful Collioure

  1. Grandpa

    What a great summer day-out to such a family-friendly part of France we haven’t had the chance to see before. Great for easy dipping in the sea. Lovely to see the boys enjoying themselves and Nicholas getting his toes wet. Nice photos and interesting write-ups from Stephen and Tomos too. The hanging washing reminded us of similar sights in Tuscany two years ago, Very Mediterranean! Thanks for keeping us up with what you’ve been doing.

  2. William Christie

    Great that you got there early enough to get a good park. Judging by the crowds on the beach it is certainly a popular spot. It has a quintessential French/Mediterranean look.


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