Swimming at Collioure

Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea at Collioure was the highlight of the day.

The fortified coastal town of Collioure is pretty, touristy,  and expensive. But the beach and water there are wonderful. Each of us went in for a swim, including a brief dip for Nick.


If it hadn’t been sunburn-time-of-day, we would have stayed in longer. There must be good swimming spots nearer Quillan but we haven’t found any really good ones yet. Collioure is about two hours from Quillan, on the French side of the border with Spain.

On the Spanish side is the Costa Brava, beaches and small rocky peninsulas stretching down towards Barcelona.

3 thoughts on “Swimming at Collioure

  1. William Christie

    Looks a delightful place and the swim would have been refreshing after a 2 hour trip to get there.

    1. Stephen Christie Post author

      Thanks for the Puivert suggestion. Some locals here in Quillan have also recommended Puivert for swimming. We stopped there six or seven weeks ago when the weather was too cool for swimming. The lake appealed to some of our group more than others. Some of us thought it looked a bit too muddy and weedy for our liking. But the group consensus is that we should go back on a hot summer afternoon and try it.


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