World cup football in Place de la Republique

We have a TV but very limited range of channels, so cannot watch the football at home. Perhaps we will try to catch some of the crunch games at Le Glacier pub across the square, which is showing the matches on their TV screen.

They are doing their best to drum up business on the back of the world cup. They have extra French flags displayed at the entrance and a blackboard with latest scores and upcoming match times.

France is five minutes away from the start of its opening match, against Honduras. Le Glacier should be busier than this. I can only see four people standing or sitting outside the entrance, which is no more than average for this time of day. Earlier I had wondered whether the place would be packed, with scores of fans filling the place and crowding around the door to get a view. Where are Quillan’s football fans? I passed by a group of elderly men playing petanque or boule this afternoon and there were more people watching that than at Le Glacier tonight.

Cafe Fleuve below us is trying to catch the action too. Unusually they are open on a Sunday evening. They don’t have a TV screen, but we can hear what I assume is a radio commentary booming up through the floor. Do people go out to cafes to listen to football on the radio? Apparently a few do.

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