Too much of a good thing

We love a good French breakfast. When we first arrived in April we fell over ourselves to get to the baguettes. We drooled over pastries. We fought each other to be the one to make the morning trip to the boulangerie. We had breakfasts of baguette and croissant every morning and, dare I say it, we sometimes had a pain au chocolat with our morning coffee too.


Inevitably, the novelty has worn off and these days, to save our waistlines and our pockets, we ration ourselves to baguette breakfasts on Wednesdays and weekends.

When we return to Wellington we know we will not be able to afford French breakfasts often. At 4.50 dollars per sour dough baguette and 3.00 a pastry it’s a bit of a sting compared to the 1 euro baguettes and 85 cent PAC here. So we don’t feel bad making the most of it. But if we don’t limit ourselves now, we may not want to see another baguette as long as we live.


It’s Wednesday today. Must be time for breakfast!


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