Camon the beautiful

Periodically we come across one of the ‘most beautiful villages of France’. In our case it’s usually by accident, as we do not have the guidebook and are rarely planned enough to deliberately schedule a visit. Previously we happened upon Collonges-la-Rouge. Yesterday we chanced upon Camon in the Ariege, and it was indeed beautiful.


Entering the fortified village of Camon through the front gate. Where is everyone?


The half timbered back of the entrance gate. The shuttered window was to allow judgments to be pronounced publicly to the villagers.



Just two of the prettiest street views among the warren of lanes.


Donkeys graze among the vines below the village walls.

We can never understand why so many of these villages don’t have a cafe though – particularly those that would attract tourists. So, as we needed a cafe stop, we moved on without lingering as long as we would have liked.

2 thoughts on “Camon the beautiful

  1. William Christie

    Those pretty climbing roses just make the picture. Those narrow streets and buildings with shutters must have been there a long time. Love the donkeys.. Very picturesque. Not much room for today’s vehicles though! Do most there have cars or can they rely on public transport?


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