Felix Armand

I speculated in a recent post about the origin of the road through the Defile de la Pierre Lys. It turns that I was way off the mark when I guessed 1930s. I noticed yesterday a statue of Felix Armand in the old town. He apparently was the ‘creator’ of the Defile de la Pierre Lys route and he lived 1742 to 1823.

Felix Armand

Felix Armand

The plaque says something like The work and perseverance will make our descendants more prosperous.

2 thoughts on “Felix Armand

  1. Jennifer Andrewes

    The original little house lived in by Armand at that time, is also still present between its later, larger neighbours. on the main street of Quillan. I’ve wondered whether it still has its original furnishings as the outside looks untouched.

    1. Doris and Bill Christie

      Wouldn’t that be neat if the original furniture is still there! The Defile de la Pierre Lys must be an amazing engineering feat and many men must have laboured long hours in its construction.


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