Fishing tournament in la Place de la Republique

Today there was a fishing tournament in la Place de la Republique, which just happens to be right outside our apartment window.

005 (2)

Anyway, I took part in the tournament. I caught two trout and a staff guy caught one in a net for me and put it on my line, because the trout weren’t biting anymore after lunch.


Of course, if you caught a trout and handed over 2 euros the runners of the fishing tournament would give you an envelope and you would open the envelope and there would be a note inside which would say what you would get. You would give the note to the  people running it and they would get you what the note said you would get. I got a fishing rod and a squishy foamy ball (not at the same time).  The fishing rod was a small one and it didn’t have a reel – you were just meant to pull it up when you caught a fish.  I can take it back to New Zealand though, which is good because it comes in a bag with a clip which you can fasten.

I also won a medal for taking part in the tournament.

Our dinner was very good, we had fresh trout and fried potato with capsicum and lettuce.


I saw them setting the pond up in the morning by putting the frame up and then putting mats down inside that space (which was very big). After that they put a very, very big tarpaulin down inside that space and then a fountain in the middle. They filled it with water from the river through a pipe and then switched the fountain on to cycle the water through. After that they put the trout in using nets and set up the fishing rods around the sides of the frame, for people to use.



3 thoughts on “Fishing tournament in la Place de la Republique

  1. Grandpa

    What a great story, Tom. I reckon your teacher in NZ would be proud of that write-up. I don’t think I’ve ever caught two fish, especially beautiful trout. When I’m in France, I often choose trout when I’m in a pleasant regional restaurant. Truite aux amandes is my favourite and I remember one very nice occasion where we drank some local vin jaune with it. Ask Mum if she knows what area of France that could have been in. I recall your Mum catching a fish once too on Banks Peninsula in the Akaroa Harbour at a little place called Wainui where your great great Aunty Esther lived. It was only a small fish but she cleaned it all up and we each enjoyed a little bit of it for our tea. Even a tiny fresh fish is delicious! Congratulations on your medal.

  2. Doris and Bill Christie

    Well done Tom! It was nice of the staff guy to put an extra one on your line. Fancy going fishing in the square outside your window! Good on Dad for cleaning them and getting them ready for cooking. Ollie caught some fish when he was at Deep Cove with us. Bob Hughes cleaned them and then we cooked them for tea – they were lovely although we didn’t have too many trimmings over there with us. We look forward to seeing the line and the medal sometime.


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