Swimming in the Salz

We’ve been hunting for the perfect local swimming spot, knowing that there are bound to be several. Last week I got a few tips of good places from a local, which was exactly what I was hoping for.

We tried one of them – a swimming hole on the Salz river out of Couiza. It’s a goody. Nice and deep, without being too deep, and with a gradual incline from shallow at the edge to deep. The floor of the hole consists of large fused rocks, which are so even as to look like they are man-made, rather than hewn out of the rock by the river itself over the course of centuries. The site is protected on the upper side by a large stone wall, and from the flow below by a dam, constructed to create the hole. The main road is just beside the hole, but you would never know thanks to the thick border of trees.


It’s well hidden off the road. You would never find it unless you were a local, or tipped off by a local. There were only a few people there while we were, and they were very obviously local. I suspect they wondered how we had found this place and why we were speaking English. We may have to swim in French next time…

In fairness to the locals, and to protect the unspoilt beauty of the spot, I am not going to reveal its exact location – you will just have to come across it, or be referred by a local!

We have still to try out some of the other tips of river and lake swimming spots though, and some of these can potentially be revealed. Watch this space…

5 thoughts on “Swimming in the Salz

  1. Doris and Bill Christie

    Looks a delightful spot on a warm summer day and well protected from any fast flowing current.
    A real serendipity!

  2. Len

    Hi, Just wondering did you hear anything relating to Quillan Lake/s while you stayed in Quillan? The town had got permission for two new lakes last year wth work was to begin 2014 but I didn’t see any sign when I was there in July on holiday. Just thought you might have heard something of interest relating to le lac de Quillan. Thanks for the blog 🙂

    1. Jennifer Andrewes Post author

      Thanks for your comment Len. We did have one conversation about the lakes – with a real estate agent in the context of properties near that part of town. I seem to recall the process of consent was ongoing before development started, but I may be wrong. A fully street-lighted footpath has already been built though in anticipation of people being able to access the lakes on foot from town. Ought to be a lovely spot if and when completed.


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