My end-of-year school celebration

The reason it’s the “end of year” celebration is because in France the end of the school year is in July.  But anyway, back to the normal celebration stuff.  The school had been practising for the celebration all term with Ollie’s class doing gymnastics and singing while my class were practising homework-excuse jokes, singing, drums, guitar, and recorder.


Finally the day came and we did one run through of the show which took up the whole morning (which was a practice without the parents). After lunch came the real thing with the parents. The first act was gymnastics from Ollie’s class, then recorder from my class (I didn’t have a recorder though so I just whistled).


(L-R) Ollie, bottom left in gymnastics formation; Tomos, back right, whistling recorders

(L-R) Ollie, bottom left in gymnastics formation; Tomos, back right, whistling recorders

Then bike riding from some of Ollie’s class mates and they did tricks like lying down on their tummies on the bikes when the teacher/principal called stuff to the bike riders like “derriere” and “devant” and “acote”.  Then singing from my class and Ollie’s class.

The whole school prepares to celebrate

The whole school prepares to celebrate

And I’ll skip the rest cos most of it’s boring. Anyway, the crowd loved it, they were always taking photos or clapping or commenting, they just totally loved it.


Tomos singing with classmates

Tomos singing with classmates

wpid-dsc_0407.jpg wpid-dsc_0405.jpg

At the end there was a flash mob dance. Everyone, including some parents and teachers got up and danced.

4 thoughts on “My end-of-year school celebration

  1. Stephen Christie

    Well done Tomos and Ollie! I enjoyed the whole school singing some heavily-accented English words about a trip to London: “Zees eez my Loondoon song. Leeseen to ma Loondoon song.”

    1. Doris and Bill Christie

      What a neat way to mark the end of term. I can understand why the audience loved seeing the childrens efforts. Your English would have been better than the French kids in the song about the trip to London! Well done to both of you. I wonder if there were any Grandparents there.

  2. Grandpa

    Gosh, it’s hard to believe you’ve got to the end of the school year, Tom. We enjoyed seeing the photos and imagining what it was like with all the singing, playing and dancing. When your mum was at school in France she read a poem that she had written herself in French at a pre-Christmas function. We were very proud of her and we are proud of what you and Ollie have managed to learn and do too in such a short time in your French class rooms. You will remember that all your lives. And as I write, this is your last day. That’s amazing. You will all be winging your way home again in just a couple of weeks and then it will be back to your familiar routines. Make the most of your final days in France.


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