Le petit Nicolas se regale

Nicholas here. Almost nine months old. And, in case you’re wondering, I’m loving it here in France. I could easily get used to this lifestyle thank you very much. Give me a few months and I’ll be right at home here, babbling away in French, wearing the local get-up, and you’d never know I was a Kiwi.


Dressed like a French flag – what?!

Probably the most important thing to me is having my Mum and Dad with me. That’s what I love most about this trip. I get to spend time with them – both of them – pretty much all day, every day. Lucky me. In my first 6 months I only got to see my Dad weekday evenings and weekends (OK, and quite often in the night). I love my Dad. Now I make sure he knows I miss him as soon as I see him leave the room. It’s only right he knows how much I appreciate his company. As for Mum – well d’uh, she’s my Mum. Naturally I spend all my time with her and she knows I love her. That’s just the way it is. Right?

Anyway, the next best thing here is the food. I tell you what, I thought I had it pretty good, but since I got here, I have been feasting. My personal favourite is rabbit stew. Nom, nom. I mean, they give me these tiny servings and then wonder why I call for more. What’s that all about? Since I turned 8 months old, mysteriously all these foods have appeared that they must have been hiding from me. Well I’m not falling for that trick again. Petit suisse – where have you been all my life? Scrambled eggs. Yum. What more can I say? Croissant? Delectable. Baguette. Yes please. And as for that cassis sorbet – really Mum couldn’t have eaten all that herself. It was the least I could do to share the load.

Thankfully Mum found a baby gear sale early on, where she could stock up on some bigger clothes, or I’d be costing the folks the earth in French babywear at the rate I’m growing out of things. I’m tall. OK? I’m hungry – what of it? Did someone say weetbix and stewed apple?

I’m enjoying reading. I do love a good Ruth Rendell – they’re really gripping. But if push comes to shove I’ll settle for a good French picture book. The bonus is that when you realise you’re a mite peckish, there’s no need to even move – you can just take a bite out of the cover. Sweet. (Shh. Don’t tell Grandma!)

Look, the thing that bugs me most is why they put my toys just out of my reach. Can’t they see I’m desperate to get them? maybe if I jiggle up and down just a bit harder on my bottom. Or whinge a bit more? If I could just move my bottom a little further. It’s so heavy though. I do like it when they walk me around. It’s a bit wobbly one-handed, but I kind of like the freedom. The ‘high five’ thing seems a little weird, but it makes my brothers happy when I do it, so fair enough.

Most of the time I get to tag along with Mum and Dad and my older brothers. That’s cool. The stuff they do is fun enough I guess. I’ve been to castles, and for swims, I get to go for walks – in the sling and the buggy – and for rides in the car. It’s quite funny to see just how far my brothers will go to keep me from crying in the back seat on a long car journey. I can make them do all sorts of embarrassing things. Ha!  Whoever said the smallest isn’t the most powerful?


Hanging out in the back of the Citroen, putting the world to rights with my lawyer and my architect.


Watching Daddy in the Sauternes Marathon from the comfort of my buggy.


Swimming in the Mediterranean Sea with my biggest bro. He’s cool.

Sometimes I’ve even got to go to some playgrounds here when we come across them on our travels around the region. I could get to like that. The swing is great. I must try out some more – perhaps one where the view is less distracting.



Sometimes, I get to do things just for me. That’s pretty cool. My favourite time is Thursday morning when Mum takes me to the soft play over at the Planete Momes. They have like a whole room, filled with toys for me to play with. Sometimes it’s just me – which is a bit boring, but means I get the toys to myself. Sometimes there are other kids there which is more entertaining.


At the ludotheque soft play – Planete Momes, Quillan. They sure have some neat stuff.

All in all it’s pretty good here. I’m having a great time. I’m very well thank you very much, and if I have anything to do with it, I will be away running very soon.

2 thoughts on “Le petit Nicolas se regale

  1. Grandpa

    My word, young man, you do write well. I think your language is far ahead of your years and if you work hard at it you will be just as brilliant a writer as your mum in a few years. You are having a fantastic time in France. By the way, do make your mum feel really good sometimes by giving her a special hug. Of course she loves you but if you show her that you love her just as much, she will love you even more! Isn’t that a funny thing? Grandma says that it’s quite OK for you to take a bite out of your French picture book so long as the taste isn’t too unpleasant. She knows that library rules can’t always apply at home and that Mum and Dad will just have to eat into a repairs budget if the book gets too tatty. Grandma and I are so looking forward to seeing you again after the months that have gone by since you were here with us when your second big brother commanded a birthday raclette. Goodness me, with all the cheeses you’ve discovered in France you might be able to eat some raclette yourself before too long. We love seeing photos of you from France and you have a gorgeous smile. Give your daddy a big hug and also your two big brothers, And remember to save a special one for your Mum. Beaucoup de bises from Grandma and Grandpa.


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