On Friday we went to Barcelona for the weekend.

We left straight after school only having time to pack the stuff we had organized earlier into our backpack. The trip was alright, at least for me, because I was entertained with my devices. When we got there it was 9:00pm. Tom and I had pizza for tea, while the adults had pasta salad with chicken and figs, oddly enough.


The next morning Tom and I jumped in the pool after a breakfast of porridge and it was a really good pool. (Even Nicholas enjoyed splashing).




We got on the metro, which was surprisingly not as bad as Paris – which is terrible – and went into Barcelona. We were staying in a village on the outskirts.

The firwpid-wp-1404747985512.jpegst thing we did was find a good square and have a drink at a cafe, because we were overheating already.

Then we found the magnificent Gaudi cathedral. Gaudi was a famous architect. The cathedral wasn’t actually finished because it was so big and Gaudi died wpid-wp-1404747957367.jpegwhile it was being made, so they have to finish it from his plans. They have been building it for over a hundred years and there’s still a lot to go.





Then we had some salad for lunch but we should have had paella, it looked so good.




Then w003e found a gift shop and since we were in Barcelona Tom got a Neymar top and I got Messi. Those of you who don’t know, they play for the Barcelona football team. When we got back home we watched Brazil beat Columbia. It was good because they had a massive flat screen TV. Then we got back in the pool.








The next mornin003g we got back in the pool because it was so refreshing then went back into Barcelona to visit the Gothic cathedral.






This time we got tapas for lunch and they were SO good. Tapas are small dishes of things. They are traditionally Spanish. After the tapas I had my first Spanish coffee and It was quite good. Not as good as the old Kiwi latte of course but it was a good fill-in for until I get back.




Then we went to the Gaudi houses, Ones that he designed, but the queue was massive so we decided to just look from the outside. They were awesome because he never uses straight lines. He takes all his architecture from nature.


After that we went back and got in the pool because that was our last chance for a swim before we left the next morning.

On our w067ay back from Barcelona today, we stopped off at the Dali museum in Figueres. Dali himself was an amazing artist. He made statues, jewelry, and paintings.

After the visit we had lunch (supposedly tapas) but they weren’t as good as the Barcelona ones.


Now we are back in Quillan and our trip has ended.

2 thoughts on “Barcelona

  1. Grandpa

    We enjoyed this description, Ollie. You have had so many varied experiences in Barcelona. It’s almost 50 years since I was there and I didn’t see nearly as much as you! We’re glad you enjoyed Gaudi’s architecture and the wonderful creations of Dali on the way back to Quillan.

  2. Doris and Bill Christie

    What a lovely report you have written, Oliver. You all certainly saw lots of amazing things, architecture etc and ate some really good tapas and some not so good! Glad you had a swimming pool to cool off in as it must have been really hot. The Neymar and Messi tops will be nice mementos of your visit to Barcelona.


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