Dali Museum, Figueres

On our way back from Barcelona to Quillan, we dropped in to Figueres to visit the Dali Museum. It seemed like everyone else had the same idea as the entry queue was long and the place was uncomfortably full.

051 058

The first challenge was to find a park, which we successfully achieved in one of the two parking buildings right by the museum. Incredibly they seemed to be parking them in, with two rows of cars. What you would do if you came back to your car before the people parked in front of you, I do not know. Fortunately we had a spot right in the corner and were able to negotiate our way out with only a five point turn.

The second challenge was to survive the queue for the museum, in the rain, without jackets or umbrellas. The queue was long, snaking across the square and down the rambla. Some of us first explored and sheltered in the nearby church, while Stephen staked out a spot in the queue. I then staked out the queue while the boys went for coffee and croissants and to give Nick his lunch. They had to hurry back, lunch half eaten, when I reached the doors faster than expected!

059 064

Inside, the art is just as impressive and awe inspiring as you would expect. Dali was incredibly prolific, and fantastic that he had a museum for his work, while still alive. Incredible the breadth of media he worked with across paintings, sculptures and installations.

070 079

What I hadn’t expected was the exquisite jewelry he designed, which warrants its own display area, with a separate entrance ticket. Just gorgeous. ‘A Royal Heart’ has to be my favourite, along with the ‘Eye of Time’.

001 002


A couple of our favourite Dali jewels, including the interlocking limbs (which made me think of the art by my cousin Jo) and the space elephant, favoured by Tom.

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