Unfinished business

And so, the time has come, we have packed up our things, farewelled new friends, and said goodbye to Quillan – for this trip at least.


But we will be back, for sure.

If only because, inevitably, in the last week or so of living there, we were tipped off by friends and acquaintances about numerous out-of-the-way places that sound perfect to visit.

In three months we had time to become familiar with the local surroundings, the roads and villages, but not nearly enough time to visit everything on the wish list, let alone to revisit all the favourite haunts.

And so the plotting and planning starts, almost immediately, for when we might return, in what form, for how long.

A suivre…

3 thoughts on “Unfinished business

  1. graceandgusto

    It’s been great following your journey! And we may well follow in your footsteps! Can you please send me Angela’s details or website? I can’t seem to find her anymore. Thankyou. Best wishes to you and your family … Look forward to hearing about future adventures :)!! Cheers Kate


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