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Part-time living

For a moment there earlier this week I could have sworn I was back in France. I had a rare week day to myself, without any of the boys, and had decided I would go shopping. I mainly intended to wander and window shop, but I had two shops I particularly wanted to visit. One because I wanted to shop for a birthday present while the boy was away. The second because it’s a shop that you can’t possibly take a buggy into. Imagine my surprise when I found them both shut – on a Monday! Continue reading

My favourite cafes

Okay, so I think I mentioned that cafe crawling is one of my favourite pastimes? Seriously, I could while away hours at cafes. Not because I prefer to pay for my food and drink, or even for the food and drink itself, but more for the experience and the ambience. There’s no greater way to while away a few hours than in idle observation and contemplation of daily life as it goes on around you. Continue reading

The life of a village square

Now that we are back in New Zealand, there are, of course, lots of things that we miss about France. Many of them were always going to be on the miss list – the bread, the fresh goat’s cheese, the good affordable wine, the weather (although I hear it’s not that flash there at the moment), the relative cost of living. But what I miss most about Quillan, unexpectedly, is the Place de la Republique – ‘our’ square – which gave us an incomparable outlook on the comings and goings of daily life.

001 (6) 002 (7)

The beautiful view from our living and dining rooms – I will never stop missing this.

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