Map pf southern France showing approximate locations of our family's previous holidays near the Pyrenees

Sharing the dream

Since embarking on our adventure, I’ve been amazed by how many people we’ve come across who are either going to live in France, contemplating living in France, or would like to live in France – if only it were possible.

More than just our diary of record, our blog has proved, over time, to be a fantastic tool for us to share the dream. To share what we’ve enjoyed – and what we’ve had to chalk up to experience. Above all, to reassure people the dream is possible.

When we mention our trip, people are generally full of questions. What?? Closely followed by Where? And, most often How?! This leads to wonderful, joy-filled conversations. I could have these conversations all day (interspersed with blogging and coffee drinking).

Just this week, for example, I took Nicholas to his first swimming lesson, got talking to another parent in the changing rooms, as you do. Long story short, she was off to France for a holiday and contemplating going back next year for a three-month stay, with baby. “I must get your email”, she said. “You sound like you would have some good advice’.

With people like this in mind, we’ve recently added a How to section to our blog, covering those aspects of our trip that people have most asked about.

You can also read about our adventures in the Stuff travel article: France en Famille. ( 4 September 2014)

We hope this information is helpful, maybe even inspiring. If you have other questions, please post a comment or drop us a line via the Contact form on this site. We’d love to help, if we can.

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