What price dreams?

In early 2014, we took our family to live in France for three months. It was great, but if we hadn’t been absolutely determined, it wouldn’t have happened. Aside from sheer inertia in the face of the relentless reality of daily family life, probably the greatest barrier to going was the cost. As a reader rightly noted: ‘fine if you’ve got a spare $50k, but not everyone does.’  No two ways about it: it was going to cost us, no matter what we did – and we certainly didn’t have a spare $50k hanging around. Considering the questions and comments we’ve had since we announced our plans to friends and colleagues, and started our blog, I suspect this is also one of the biggest obstacles for most people. At the same time, it’s surprised me just how many people have come out of the woodwork, who are planning, or have said they would like to do, the same thing. In fact, it’s absolutely achievable and does not have to be as hard on the pocket as you would think. Read more in our article ‘Moving to France: What price dreams?’ first published at stuff.co.nz on 16 October 2014.


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