A place to call home

For the next few months we will call a small piece of French soil, in the foothills of the Pyrenees, home. A four-storey stone house, including bed and breakfast, it is a very different proposition to our  1890s Victorian villa in Wellington, New Zealand.

  The house sits under the watchful eye of the centuries-old Chateau de Quillan.

The house is perfectly sited, on the main old square of Quillan, the idyllic, plane-tree fringed place de la Republique, but exposed on its other sides to the old stone bridge, and to the river, with an unsurpassed view of the castle. This setting allows for all-day sun, particularly thanks to the uninterrupted south-facing views, a rarity for houses in vieux Quillan.

 A back view of our temporary home, over the old stone bridge, which gives access to the place de la Republique.

 A picturesque setting, on the old bridge, overlooking the terraces of two cafes – perfect for all-day people watching.

 The house borders the river Aude, making the river terrace a good spot for idle pursuits, over a morning coffee or an evening wine and a good book.

 A view from the castle above, shows the square and the house in its context. Views to die for, in every direction.

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