A walk in the countryside 

Today having turned into a glorious day after a foggy and chill start, we put on our hiking shoes and headed for the hills. It is, after all, the Pyrenees.

  We headed across the railway tracks and out of town on a well hidden lane, that leads passed the tantalising stone-walled property Le Moulin des Pres, and up into the fields. This is the route that Tom and his classmates took to do their orienteering last week.

It’s only five minutes’ walk out of town but you could be miles from civilisation.

The route gives a good view of les trois quilles – the peaks to which Quillan owes its name.

Some of those who use this trail are proper Pyrenean hikers, having made their way on the long and arduous trek from the Atlantic coast. We are mere pretenders, but the myriad networks of trails that criss-cross the hills and mountains the length of the Pyrenees allow for all levels of experience.

The walk to the small village of Ginoles takes no more than 45 minutes and there are plenty of places to stop, rest and take in the endless views.

Ginoles is stunningly positioned in a basin of hills. Last time here we looked at an old house on the edge of the village that was 64,000 euros, but had 64 million euro views.

Fruit trees grow wild on the edge of town. Last time we helped ourselves to handfuls of fresh cherries.

The village of Ginoles has a mairie and a church, but not much else. It’s a quiet spot, but the bread van visits, and it’s only a short walk down to Quillan.

Walking back down the road to Quillan, you pass through Ginoles-les-Bains, where the spa of the village’s name was obviously once a place of some grandeur, but has since been left to fall into a parlous state of disrepair. Heart breaking.

The large complex has gorgeous views in every direction…

  ...and sits in extensive grounds, that include a small chapel, and were once a place of retreat.

This is an accessible, easy and interesting walk, and one of our personal favourites. We will do it again, for sure.

2 thoughts on “A walk in the countryside 

  1. margaret21

    I was going to mention the cherries to be scrumped at the right time of year in Ginoles, but I see you found them too. And you have so many walks to explore. Happy hiking!


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