Houses I must resist: 1

It’s no secret that I hanker after a little piece of France to call home. I also love looking at houses and admiring interior designs, so what better distraction when in the south of France than to browse the windows of real estate agents and arrange the odd viewing.

Last time we came very close to buying a house and this time I fear temptation’s gaze. My eye has been caught and my heart tugged by a few already and we’ve barely been here two weeks.

This occasional series will highlight some of the likely candidates. Your thoughts, reality checks or word of encouragement are welcome.

This little house may look innocuous, ugly even, in all its squat, brown and beige glory. It wouldn’t merit a second glance. Imagine it with blue shutters though. A world of difference.

And check out the uninterrupted view. Seriously.

The house is enviably sited on the riverside, with plenty to look at in any season, at any time of day. If I lived here I would ether be so distracted I would get no writing done. Or, I would be so inspired I would knock off a book every week.

Around the corner a typical village street curves towards the Place de la Republique. Perfect.

The inside is simply and tastefully renovated, French style.

Asking price: 149,000 euros. Who’s in?

13 thoughts on “Houses I must resist: 1

  1. bizzyella

    I don’t know. I’m such a nut about street noise, even the relatively innocuous scooter or late-night conversation type. Are the windows thermopane? That would take care of the noise and also this California kid’s dread of serious cold. Do you hear the neighbors through the party walls? How easy is it to pull into the garage? The view is lovely but is that a train track? How often does it run? Everybody is different but I would hold out. There is much to be said for a house that is already done. Still, I think I’d keep shopping.

    1. Jennifer Andrewes Post author

      No train track, just river and hills. That said. this is only the first, and there are plenty more (and cheaper) options. Generally walls are thick here, but you’re right to be cautious on that front. Watch this space…!

  2. Ken

    Seems too expensive when you add the acquisition costs of 15%. We have two small properties in Luberon valley in a beautiful little village, they don’t have the outlook but more expensive part of France. Keep head in clouds and feet on the ground. For 150000 you could. It a little piece of the country.


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