Houses I must resist: 2

Although most of the houses we have been tempted by so far have been small town houses, I continue to hanker after a garden. It doesn’t have to be big, but if we are going to be setting our flag on a piece of land in France long-term, I want to be able to sit outside at a table under a tree – or at least in the shade of a small amount of greenery.

Most houses of that nature that have gardens are at prices that are relatively unaffordable for us, and are few and far between in small towns and villages, so when I saw this one, just on the edge of the old town in Quillan, I got tentatively excited.

The house is well maintained and simply decorated inside and out, and has the requisite blue-painted shutters. And on Rue Voltaire – how much more French could you get?

The house is right on the street though, and also right on one of the main street corners, so traffic might be an issue.

But check out that view of mountains. It’s a long shot, I admit, but those windows are going to look out on the tops of those hills. And the attic is ready to be developed…

And did I mention the garden? Conveniently on the side of the house away from the main road, so quiet, and relatively private.

It’s small, but you don’t want too much land to maintain, and this is just enough for that table under the shade of the tree.

Asking price 180,000 euros.

12 thoughts on “Houses I must resist: 2

  1. bizzyella

    Ooh. I don’t know your budget but I kind of like this one, at least from the outside. Thermopane windows basically do away with street noise, so the only question is what happens when the windows are open. Dust is as much of an issue as noise, though my time on a major street in Paris might be causing me to worry too much on that score. Does it have parking? I am not a fan of street parking, nor of the belief that one will never have a car. Even in Paris we have a car, even though we use it only to get out of town. Enough space for the table and a little greenery is a wonderful thing. Even if you let this house go — it fronts on two streets! — I agree that you want to try to hold out for that.

  2. margaret21

    You are right to insist on a garden on site. We thought we’d be fine with one a short walk up the street. I loved it, it had space and fabulous views, but we simply rarely used it, especially as we developed our courtyard into a rather pleasant space. We were on a busyish street too. Noise wasn’t a real issue as life died down quite early, but dust and litter (leaves, megots and so on) drifting in most certainly was. Good luck!

  3. Nidge

    Hi. I lived in Midi-Pyrenees for a month in 2009 and Montpellier in 2013 for 3 months and we plan to move there once our youngest finishes school in 2020. What level of French did you need to have to settle well? How have your children gone with learning it? We enjoy life there and have very fond memories of being there. Frankly, I can’t wait!

  4. kyliegibbon

    Hi Jennifer, we’re Kiwis in love with France as well, just spent 3 months there over the summer. We too have been seduced by the prospect of owning a little corner of it, and are working on purchasing a wee converted barn in the Dordogne – any excuse to get back there, and such amazing prices compared to the ridiculously over-priced houses here in Auckland. Enjoy your time there x


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