Back at the movies in Quillan

Quillan, our home town for a few months, has a cinema and last night was my chance to go to it. I went to a version originale showing of Le Client (The Salesman).le-client

Three years ago I saw Godzilla dubbed into French at the same cinema. My French is not up to following much movie dialogue but Godzilla is the sort of movie that transcends spoken language. I enjoyed it.

Last night’s movie had one sentence of English (Ladies and gentlemen, we are ready for take-off), but the rest was in Persian. Unfortunately, I don’t know much Persian, so I had to read the French subtitles. I’m sure that was good for me.

I was reminded that this old-style cinema provides a pleasant experience. There are hundreds of seats – comfortable old-style folding seats – but I’m sure there is never a sell-out audience. Last night had about 10 customers. And the price is good – only four euros on Thursdays (seven euros full-price other days).

2 thoughts on “Back at the movies in Quillan

  1. kenpoland

    Oh we do love Quillan Cinena its like stepping back in time..

    On our first visit to see a English VO movie we had to wait while the lady scoured the street below to try and get another two people to join us as they don’t show movies for less than 4 people.

    One additional punter showed just in time and as she knew her she allowed the show to go on.

  2. Jennifer Andrewes

    I had a very similar experience Ken – heading to the cinema for an evening session, I met a couple coming the other way on an otherwise empty street. Suspicious, I asked them if they had been intending to go to the same film. They said yes but there weren’t enough to run it… so back we went as a threesome, by which time one other person had turned up, so bingo!


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