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The long voyage

Travelling around the world from New Zealand to France again in the pursuit of our dream , I was reminded of a book my Dad gave me when I was about 11 – ‘Le Long Voyage d’une Lettre’. The book recounted the journey a single letter took to reach its destination, detailing the many and various steps and stops along the way. As we wound our way from airport to airport to train station over several days this past week, it did feel a bit like a mail run at times, and we are certainly glad to have reached our destination.

Wellington airport – the journey begins.

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Setting up is not remotely easy

We have had our house closed up since we took possession at the end of August, and are abut to head over for the first time, to get it set up for renting. Now is when things get real fast. It turns out that when buying a house in France, buying the house is actually the easy part. When it comes to furnishing the place, I am reminded just how much work is involved in turning a house into a home.

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Pitch perfect

After years of thinking about it, months of writing, weeks of editing, and days of anguishing over every last detail, I have finally finished the book and am ready (maybe) to pitch it to publishers.

It’s not perfect, but it’s about as perfect as it’s going to get without the eye of a professional editor and I have to accept that if it is ever going to stand a chance of seeing the light of day beyond my computer, I have to let it go. Let it go.

Will it be any good? Does anyone want to read it? Since my pitch is premised on the idea that there’s interest, I certainly hope so!

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