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A walk up the hill to a lookout over Quillan

This afternoon Tom and I go exploring up the hill above Quillan’s old castle. Despite the sunshine, I wear many layers of clothing. You can’t be too careful at this time of year. Tom is more lightly dressed. More sensibly dressed, as it turns out.

We start by going up Rampe du Chateau. This leads us onto Rue de Bitrague. Now we go offroad.


Chateau de Quillan

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More on the run with Ollie today

Read Ollie’s post on the run if you haven’t already. It’s true: the piles of earthworm excrement were massive. In a couple of places on the track we saw holes larger than any earthworm could make, and wondered what creature had made them. On our return, one of the holes had been partly filled in. By what? And where was the creature that had been there within the last few minutes? And then, in the forest very nearby, we saw a tree that appeared to have been snapped clean off. Continue reading

A jog in the hills

Hill road south of Quillan

This afternoon I went for my first jog from Quillan. In the banner picture for this site (top of page), you can see the hills to the south, with limestone bluffs near the top. Those hills are enticing. I headed up a road in that direction for half an hour. It was wonderful! Warm sunshine, forest both sides of the road, no vehicles at all.

The adjacent photo is where I turned back – you can see that I was a long way short of the bluffs and the ridge above them. I’m not good at judging how big a hill is and how long it might take to reach the top. So the ridge will be another day – perhaps once the boys have started school next week. I’ll need more time, and I’ll need to carry water.

The tourist office has given us a lot of informative pamphlets, including descriptions of many walking tracks near Quillan. Browsing the pamphlets tonight, I see that there are loop tracks to reach that ridge to the south.

The Sauternes marathon

Attempting a marathon is one of the things I want to do while in France. The region where we’ll be based has trail running events but not full marathons, at least not in June or July. Most marathons in southern France and northern Spain are run at cooler times of year. So I have had to look further afield and have now committed to travelling north-west to the Bordeaux area for the Sauternes marathon on 1 June. Continue reading