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In denial

After four months, the time has come for us to leave Quillan, and I am as miserable as the weather at the thought.

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A French education

In early 2014, we took our family, including our two school-age boys, to live in France for three months.


Probably the single biggest factor in our desire to live in France was to give the boys a French school experience.

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My end-of-year school celebration

The reason it’s the “end of year” celebration is because in France the end of the school year is in July.  But anyway, back to the normal celebration stuff.  The school had been practising for the celebration all term with Ollie’s class doing gymnastics and singing while my class were practising homework-excuse jokes, singing, drums, guitar, and recorder.


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First week at French primary school

It’s the end of our second week in Quillan and the boys have survived a whole week of the final term of school at the Ecole Paulin Nicoleau.

The first week is always the hardest, and they have done an amazing job at navigating the challenges thrown at them. Even if we left now, they’d have done themselves proud.

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