About Quillan

Published articles

Reading list

  • Bailey, Rosemary, Life in a Postcard: Escape to the French Pyrenees, 2002
  • Bailey, Rosemary, Love and War in the Pyrenees, 2008
  • Calder, Martin, A Summer in Gascony, 2008
  • Calder, Simon, and Mick Webb, Backpacks, Boots and Baguettes, 2010
  • de Botton, Alain, The Art of Travel, 2002
  • Fortescue, Lady, Perfume from Provence, 1935
  • Gofton, Alison, Recipes from my French Kitchen, 2015
  • Greenside, Mark, I’ll never be French (no matter what I do), 2008
  • Nadeau, Jean-Benoit, and Julie Barlow, Sixty Million Frenchmen can’t be Wrong, 2004
  • Robb, Graham, The Discovery of France, 2008
  • Saxe-Roux, Suzanne, and Jean P. Roux, Courage and Croissants: Inspiring Joyful living, 2010
  • Webster, Jane, At my French Table
  • Webster, Jane, French Ties
  • Whitter, David, Careering about in the Pyrenees, 1995
  • Williamson, Luke and Karen, Family OE: A really useful Kiwi guide to travelling overseas with your children, 2008

General resources

  • About France – online travel guide to France, its people and the French way of life
  • School holidays in France -online guide to French school terms, as part of a wider European site


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