About us

We are a family of five from Wellington, New Zealand who share a love of travel. In 2014 we first fulfilled a long-held dream to spend time living overseas and now we have the ‘bug’. Later in 2016 we returned for another sojourn, subsequently bought a house, and now we return regularly.


We first set off to live in France for three months in Spring-Summer. It’s something we’d been dreaming about for years. In 2016 we returned for four months in Autumn-Winter.

In 2014 we finally realised that our dream would remain just a dream – unless we did something to make it happen. So, months in the planning; a little later in the execution than originally planned, to allow for the unexpected baby on board (!); weeks in the anticipation; finally a reality. It worked well. So well that we are hooked.

In 2017, after a couple of trips back, and recognising that we could see ourselves returning regularly to the Aude region, we took the plunge and bought a house. If you’re dreaming of your own family adventure – or just looking for a great spot for a holiday, it’s available for short-term rentals.

We started a blog to share some of our experiences. We’re keeping it going to capture our latest adventures. Jennifer is also writing a book about our life in Quillan. Our adventures may inspire you; if so, we’d love to hear from you. The views expressed on this blog are entirely our own, based on our particular experiences.

Read more about the intent of our move in the posts Why Quillan? and Did we win the lottery?

Watch this space for more about our travels. On the whole it’s gone well, but we may just have to chalk some of it up to experience!

9 thoughts on “About us

  1. janemorley2014

    Hi there! Delighted that you’re following my blog (View from a French Hillside) – if you have time in your 3 month visit to France – please do come and see us in Charente, I’d be very pleased to invite you to tea in our vintage tea-room and talk about life here in la belle France! Very best wishes Jane

  2. Sue Harper

    I must concur with your statement about “making it happen”. It sounds like a soundbite, but making the decision, and then following through, is exactly how we also came to be in France. It has been a delight

  3. Nadia

    Thanks for stopping by and joining my blog. I hope will enjoy reading about my recipes and travels as much as I enjoy sharing them with you. Welcome aboard.
    Do come visit if you are in the Dordogne.

  4. jeshiko

    Hi there
    I’m an Andrewes too and just found your blog. Are your family/partners family from the far north?

    Jess Gibson (nee Andrewes)

  5. ourfrenchoasis

    Just had to stop by and say hello as we lived in the Far North for a few years, our youngest daughter was born in Auckland, but now France is home full time! As a family of seven, I sympathise with all of you are going through, travelling around the world with five children in tow is not for the faint hearted, but it is a LOT of fun! If you find yourself up on the coast in the Charente Maritime, do let me know. Susan x


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